Registration and Picture Day for 2014-2015 is Friday, August 15th.

Please complete your online registration through Infosnap prior to Friday.  Contact the office with any questions, 596-4055.

8th Grade Registration Times:
A-G   8:30-9 am
H-O 9:30-10 am
P-Z 10:30-11 am

7th Grade Registration Times:
A-G 12:30-1pm
H-N 1:30-2 pm
O-Z 2:30-3 pm

From 1:30-3:30, there will be a welcome BBQ for all of our 7th graders and their families, hosted by our PTA and parent volunteers from all of our feeder schools. Our local Kiwanis members are volunteering to BBQ the tri tip for our sandwiches!

To help/volunteer with our registration or BBQ/potluck, click here.

School starts on Monday, August 25th

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