Theatre Arts

Mr. Wright - Room H-3
    Theater Arts is an introductory nin-week course centered on the quarter rotation of the "elective wheel" at Laguna Middle School. The class will follow the California State Content Standards fro visual and performing arts. Those standards include:

    Students will maintain a daily journal or interactive notebook that will set the stage for the objective to follow. Students will be encouraged to share their ideas and opinions prior to each lesson. During the class, students will often work in groups to develop a performance based on example or prior experience.Each student will learn an evaluation process that encourages identification of elements within a performance and provide constructive input. Students will be introduced to what makes a production including basic props, costuming, sets, lighting, and sound. Finally, students will be introduced tp performing arts history dating back to ancient Greek, Roman, Medieval, Reinaissance, and Elizabeth Theater. Some attention will also include American and Eastern Theater.